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Painless Injections

Everyone loves the results from injectable treatments like Botox, Voluma, Vollure, Volbella, Kybella, and Qwo. But let’s face it, no one likes to feel the injection from a needle. That’s why Dr. Alex developed the painless injection technique for these treatments.

What is the painless injection technique?

Dr. Alex developed the painless injection technique to make your treatments easier and more comfortable. There are a lot of different parts of the painless injection technique; it’s not just one little thing. First, a lot of people get nervous or anxious any time they go to a doctor’s office. So we make sure to create a relaxing environment that makes the office look more like a spa or hotel. We have dimmed lighting in the reception area, comfortable furniture, and beautiful artwork throughout the office. Our staff are trained to be friendly and caring; we always smile. We have a refreshment area with a variety of individually packaged snacks as well as a refrigerator filled with sparkling and still water. Before treatments when you receive numbing cream, you can relax in our massage chair in the relaxation room. We have art in our treatment room and play calming videos and music to help you relax.

For Botox treatments in particular, Dr. Alex prepares the Botox with a special solution called preserved saline. This has a small amount of alcohol in it that makes the injection feel less painful. We also invest in smaller needles to make it easier. During injectable treatments our staff blows cold air on your skin before and during the treatment. This really numbs the skin so you hardly feel a thing. We also place a vibrating distractor on your skin called the beauty bar. You may have seen the beauty bar in some of our videos. The vibration distracts you from feeling the injection. And Dr. Alex has performed thousands of injectable treatments so his hand is trained to be very gentle. After your treatment, we give you ice packs to decrease swelling and reduce the risk of bruising. For filler treatments we also provide you with anti-bruise pads. These contain high doses of arnica and ledum, which help reduce the risk of bruising, swelling, and inflammation after your treatment.

 Every day we have people comment on how much easier their treatments are with Dr. Alex at A E Skin. Come give it a try for yourself.

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